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Samsung TV Audio/Video Problem

Most of the customers hassle with their LED LCD TV Audio/Video issues. It happens due to miss handling, water insertion or due to your kid activities. Get your Samsung TV Repair Now In Hyderabad.

TV Cable/Wiring Issues

Some times wiring issues happens inside LED/LCD due to temperature and TV Physical location changes.Call us now to resolve in 2 hours. Our TV Repair Experts Reach You At Your Door Step

TV Video Is Not Sync With Audio

When you switch on your TV, Your favorite program running with non synced audio which make us frustating. You might have tried all troubleshoots from your remote and from internet.

5 star Rating

You may try your own troubleshoot several times, but still persisting the same error with your TV Then call us now. Our Professional TV Repair technicians will solve the issue at affordable price.

Other TV Problems

Other TV Problems Like Picture Pixel Breaking, Mid Line On Flat Screen, Audio Issues, TV Picture Scramble, Sounding ECHO From LED/LCD Speakers

Picture Tube And Circuit Board Replacement

Our Samsung TV Repair service experts are well aware of your TV Issue and will give resolution in a short period of time. Try Us Now !

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General Querries!

It depends on Samsung TV Model And Design. General visiting charges are around INR 350/- if hardware issue persists then you may spend upto 4k.

For Samsung LED LCD It May Cost Up To INR 6000/-. If it is old model then it will cost INR 3000 with local hardware.

Because it may be several reasons. Wiring issue, audio video cable exchange, circuit board issue etc., Check TV Warranty before you take action. 

You can try using user manual. Or you can also try remote channel research. If the TV Hardware got broken or circuit burned up then contact TV Technician.